They Say You Never Forget….But We Did

“Let’s get a bike! Now that we live in the city we have to have bikes! I want to be one of those people who rides up and down the lakefront, hair blowing in the breeze, looking strong and athletic.” So, off we went to the neighborhood bike shop, thinking we’d be cool and “shop local”. For the next couple of hours we looked the anything but cool.

I asked, “how do I get on this thing?” Kathy didn’t respond. Through the laughter I heard her say, “I thought they said you never forget how to ride a bike!” We were on a test drive to see if these were the bikes for us. What we didn’t plan on was having to ride our bikes through Grant Park on Mother’s Day smack dab in the middle of 50,000+ walkers for Breast Cancer! This doesn’t happen in the burbs!

Up the ramp, down the ramp. Away we went……wobbly, unsteady, barely hanging on. I was watching as all the walkers – and many capable bikers – were swirling by me. I guess I got so caught up in it all that I just stopped and stood still, straddling my bike for a moment. The next thing I knew….I fell down. I was horrible at this bike-riding thing! What did we do next, you ask? We walked (!) our bikes back to the store and bought a helmet, a back pack, a water bottle holder, a lock, a basket, and…….a bike! That test drive wasn’t going to get the best of us!


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