SOL #5
You are always there when I need you.

You were always there when I needed you – for the past 25 years.

It wasn’t as if the day we met we said, “we shall have a mentor/mentee relationship”. You took on kind of a “father” role at first. You shared advice. Wisdom. Experience. That worked for me. I took it all in.

You were there as I moved through my career.  A fledgling social worker who cried any time she was looked at sideways, to a school principal who figured out how to harness the compassion she felt when working with children, parents, and teachers. What do I say to teacher candidates who didn’t get the job? How to I communicate with parents of children who have been in a serious fight? How do I go to the funeral of one of my 1st graders and hold it together? You had answers for all my questions.

I think that many want to become the “boss” because they don’t like what the boss does and feel they can do it better.  Not me.  I watched you in the role of principal and knew that I wanted to be exactly the same way.  Working with people, not watching them work.  People enjoyed work so much more that way.  Thinking deeply through all situations and always going back to your core beliefs before making any decisions. I learned so much.

As we’ve gotten older, I’ve been grateful to be able to give you help, whenever I can.  It can never repay all that you given me.

I hope you are proud, all these years later, of what I’ve become.  I have you to thank.


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