What’s their Story?

I was out to breakfast yesterday and watched as two women ate at a table nearby.  They both looked to be in their early 40’s.  My guess was that they were friends that hadn’t seen each other in a while.  They were showing each other pictures from their phones and laughing.  I know this sounds like I was ignroing my breakfast companion, but it was my mom, and she is the person that got me started on this kick – of “listening in” on others -so I think she was doing it too! I have friends that do this, also. Ellin can literally make up an ENTIRE story about interesting looking people who are dining nearby. I, on the other hand, try to figure out the reality of these people. I think my ladies at Table A (as I will call them) were really happy to see each other and were relishing every moment together. As one went to pay the check I saw the other watching her with a sentimental smile on her face. Did I read more into that than was really there? Maybe.
The last leg of our day together was a stop at the grocery store. My mom was too tired to go in, so she stayed in the car. I ran through that store like it was on fire. Worried she would be cold. Worried she would open the door to a stranger because she insisted I not lock her in. Thirty minutes later I opened the car door and asked how she was. She answered, “oh, I’m fine. I’ve been watching all the people come and go, wondering what their stories are”. I knew that gene was passed down from her, I just knew it!


8 thoughts on “What’s their Story?

  1. I LOVE this! my husband and his family do this and it makes me laugh. I have to admit, I’ve started it too – I love others’ stories. I love your intuitive feelings about those friends, I can feel your compassion. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Nancy and I are always doing this– whether we’re out for dinner, at Starbucks or laying on the beach. It’s always interesting to think about the lives of others, and sometimes create their stories.

  3. I remember as a young child “people wathcing” with my mother at airports during our lay-overs. Airports are the best place to wonder about people and their stories. When I was in college, I actually had to “people watch” for an assignment…specifically the non-verbal cues of men and women walking passed a Victoria’s Secret at a mall. Interesting…:)

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