This is March Madness!

I wouldn’t consider myself an avid sports fan, or participant.  Uncoordianted and afraid of flying balls.  a recipe for disaster out on the “field”, wherever that may be.  Swimming was my thing.  Maybe because it was a solitary sport and nothing was airborne aimed for my head!  Dodgeball?  My biggest fear in junior high school.  I think about our writing challenge as a March Madness  – 150+ writers coming together.  Maybe March 28, 29, 30, & 31 will be the final four?!


7 thoughts on “This is March Madness!

  1. Yes, I have always found myself on the artsy side of athletic vs. artistic. Dodgeball was invented by bullies. Just yesterday we were talking about dodgeball.. my brother was sharing how he knew how to curve the ball just right (on the athletic side of the spectrum) and I was sharing how I was always the one hit. In the face. I hear ya.

  2. I’m not a big fan of organized sports, but march madness is fun! Fill out a bracket any way you want and see how well you do, I bet you’ll find yourself checking the scores!

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