The Summer of Carrie

This was the official name given to last summer by my friends as I was turning 50 in August. Then, in June my mom went in to the hospital and I spent the whole month going back and forth to her house caring for her. The “Summer of Carrie” wasn’t shaping up to be much fun. But, for the rest of my life, whenever I think back to that summer, I will remember my closest friend buying two fun lounge chairs for sitting out on our balcony. The chair had a special holder for my beverage. Every night we sat out on those chairs. Sometimes I would just lay back and look at the city lights. Other nights I would enjoy the light show that the stars in the sky provided. There were just as many nights that I would be so engrossed in reading a book on my Kindle that I forgot to even look up and notice the fireworks display taking place over Navy Pier! I loved situating that chair to be ready for the exact moment when the hot summer sun came around to shine on our balcony. And there I would sit until the wee hours of the night. I looked forward to my chair, all sprawled out and waiting for me, after a long day of work and taking care of my mom. The chair was the symbol of a summer that was made so special by my friends’ constant reminder that it was the “Summer of Carrie”, which really meant, we love you and we are here for you. What a great summer.


11 thoughts on “The Summer of Carrie

  1. How life changes the expectations we have. What special friends to provide solace for you when you needed it most. I wish for that kind of perspective at times. Thank you.

  2. Wait. You have a balcony that overlooks Navy Pier? Sounds like an ideal location for our next prof book talk. We can all bring our own chairs with beverage cups. 🙂 I think it’s really cool how often we hold expectations, and how often life throws us curve balls that reels us in an opposite direction- the precise direction we needed to go to realize something magnificent. True friends are amazing. I enjoyed the simplistic style of your writing. It captures the tone of the peace your friends- and those chairs- provided you.

    1. Ha ha! Yep, I have a great view, Brighid! I am lucky 🙂 I just don’t think I have enough room on the balcony for all of our book talk’ers….and their chairs!

  3. It’s amazing the things that wait for us when we get home…the best are the things we look forward to and the things that bring us comfort on the way home knowing that they will be there.

  4. The blessings of a special friend and a chair with a beverage holder are underestimated by those who do not look carefully at the blessings of their lives! You do!!! Welcome to SOL 2013!

  5. One of my favorite posts, yet! I truly believe our friends are extended family members that we got to pick to add our lives. And I can really connect to your writing in which you were so engrossed in a book, letting the sunlight fade into night… dush is probably my most favorite part of the day to take a walk with the dog, or go for a run. That time is so peaceful.

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