God Bless the Child

Watching American Idol the other night I remembered being told, many years ago, that my dad’s favorite song was “God Bless the Child”, by Billie Holiday. My mom said he liked it because it was all about children making their own way without depending on anyone else, including their parents, to get through life. Huh. That didn’t compute. Was that some sort of tough love thing he had going? Is that why he didn’t leave a college fund? Is that why he didn’t feel compelled to get my flute out of hoc after it was repossessed (on the night of the concert!)? Thankfully my mom, who sold her beloved piano to buy back my flute, didn’t believe that children should should make their own way….at age 10. God Bless the Child that’s got his own….mother who loves her and would do anything for her.


3 thoughts on “God Bless the Child

  1. The way you’ve written this is amazing. I was reading along listening to Billie Holiday in my head and then you hit the reader with, “is that why…” Totally unexpected and riveting.

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